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Sex Abuse Survivor Lauren Book Running For Senate Seat Puts Out First Ad

Lauren Book's ad screenshot

The sexual abuse survivor and advocate running for a state Senate seat just put out her first campaign ad.

Lauren Book is known for her advocacy work—mainly helping actual or potential sexual abuse victims. She was sexually abused by her nanny for years when she was just a child.

Since then, she’s led a yearly statewide walk to spread awareness about sexual abuse prevention—which she mentions in her 30 second ad. And, her “Walk In My Shoes” journey has gotten bipartisan support from lawmakers, the Governor, and other Florida officials.

“And, for the past seven years, I’ve walked across the state of Florida to bring about awareness to prevent childhood sexual abuse, to educate children, teachers, and parents on spotting the signs and preventing the tragedy,” she said, during the first part of her spot.

Book has also led initiatives like the “Don’t Miss the Signs” campaigns in schools as well as launched a new tool last year called the “Hope and Healing Disclosure Kit” aimed at helping parents and caregivers who don’t know what to do after they learn their child is a victim.

Book is also not new to the legislative process. Her father, Ron Book, is considered one of the state’s top lobbyists. And, she’s advocated on behalf of some new laws on the books. They include one allowing young victims to secretly record their attackers to use as evidence in court.

“I learned we can make a difference,” she adds. “Now, I hope to be your state Senator, and if elected, make a real difference for real people every day. Imagine how much more we can do.”

Book, a Democrat, originally planned to run in Senate District 33, held by Hollywood Democratic Senator Eleanor Sobel, who is term-limited.

She’s now vying for the newly drawn Senate District 32, also in the South Florida area.

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