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Last year’s Orlando attack—the worst mass shooting in modern American history—is prompting Governor Rick Scott to put millions of dollars in his proposed budget toward counterterrorism and intelligence efforts in Florida. Law enforcement agencies around the state are praising Scott’s decision.

Orlando police, investigators brief reporters on early morning shooting at the Pulse nightclub.
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Fifty people are dead after a gunman opened fire and took hostages at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning. Orlando Police Chief John Mina has described the massacre as one of the  worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

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Governor Rick Scott signed a number of bills into law Wednesday. Among them are a pair of gun-related bills that have the backing of law enforcement and gun rights groups.

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A bill that would give juveniles more leniency passed its second Senate committee Wednesday. But law enforcement officials don’t want it to pass.

The Florida Senate passed a series of gun bills Thursday.

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A bill making changes to Florida’s 10-20-Life law is now heading to the House floor.


Two bills banning makeshift firing ranges in residential neighborhoods are now heading to the House and Senate floors. But, they’re now a bit different.

A bill aimed at eliminating the unintended consequences of Florida’s 10-20-Life law in self-defense claims unanimously passed its first House panel Wednesday.

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A bipartisan group of Florida lawmakers say a gun bill filed for the 2016 legislative session is a good start, but it needs more work.


Discharging a firearm for recreational purposes in residential neighborhoods could soon be illegal. Another Senate panel approved a measure Tuesday outlawing the act.

Legislation surrounding body cameras has already been filed for the 2016 Florida legislative session. But, the topic in general is still drawing mixed reactions from law enforcement groups across the state.

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The Florida Police Chiefs have new Tallahassee headquarters, a new President, and with that, a new mission.

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A group of Florida Police Chiefs paid tribute to fallen law enforcement officers Thursday, before an unveiling of their latest headquarters in Tallahassee. Amy Mercer, the Executive Director of the Florida Police Chiefs Association, also highlighted a local sheriff’s deputy fatally shot earlier this week.

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A bill making it illegal to discharge a firearm for recreational purposes in residential neighborhoods cleared its first committees in the House and Senate Wednesday. But, it comes with some concerns.

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Several gun-related bills have already been filed for the 2016 legislative session. But, it includes a non-controversial bill agreed to by both the Florida Police Chiefs and the National Rifle Association.

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A panel of lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill prohibiting local law enforcement agencies from establishing traffic ticket quotas.

Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) says his bill stems from the small north Florida town of Waldo known as one of the nation’s worst speed traps. That area’s police force later disbanded.

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In the coming weeks, lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill mandating law enforcers across Florida wear body cameras while on patrol. But, the measure’s sponsor says it will now look different, after recent concerns were raised during a workshop in the House earlier this week.

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An attempt to get rid of Florida’s red light cameras may have failed last year, but this year, one lawmaker is taking another direction—one he calls a compromise. But, the idea to essentially stop any new red light cameras from going up across the state is also causing some controversy.

A bill that would ban loud music that can be heard more than 25 feet away is one step closer to a floor vote. The measure seeks to correct several provisions in an existing Florida law that the courts deemed unconstitutional. But, the measure received much opposition from Senate Democrats.

As recently as last December, the Florida Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision that said that they’re alright with a law that bans music blaring from a vehicle that is “plainly audible” at a distance of more than 25 feet.