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The Tallahassee City Commission is crafting a new funding source for its affordable housing directives. The city will begin steering one-time revenues toward a housing fund.

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The City of Tallahassee is making the redevelopment of Orange Avenue Apartments a key feature in its efforts to generate more affordable housing in the area. The first of new residential spaces could be online by 2020—if the city can find the means to finance the project.

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Leon County ranks eighth of 67 counties in Florida to have severe housing issues. The city and county are teaming up to address the issue through an affordable housing workgroup.

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Tallahassee Commissioners are going to get an update on several affordable housing initiatives in the works.  That comes as the area grapples with a rise in both rent and blight.

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Amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s devastating effects on Puerto Rico, Florida lawmakers believe the State has been inactive when tackling the issue of displaced Puerto Ricans. This has opened the floodgates for an issue Florida has been dealing with for years.

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In the wake of natural disasters, stagnant wages and a growing separation of wealth, Florida is suffering from an affordable housing catastrophe and concern is growing statewide.

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Florida lawmakers want to stop their colleagues from spending money meant for affordable housing on other projects. The move comes after Hurricane Irma battered and destroyed Floridians’ homes.

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For years Floridians have been facing a growing need for affordable housing. This year’s hurricanes are making the situation worse.

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The FBI is investigating Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency, while questions of cronyism swirl around city hall. The state’s CRAs missed the chopping block this legislative session, despite previous reports of mismanagement. WFSU looks into how the agencies’ loose structure is fueling their current predicament.

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There’s just a month left for Tallahassee residents to apply for Hermine Disaster recovery money through the State Housing Initiative Partnership, or SHIP.

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Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran wants to divert almost $70 million from the state affordable housing trust fund to other issues. 

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A Senate panel is discussing how to re-envision Florida’s affordable housing system. 

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Leon County officials were checking out some of the area’s affordable housing options on Tuesday, March 21. They say it’s part of an ongoing effort to assess how many homes are available for those at the lower levels of the income scale.

Advocates are marking a 25-year-old tragedy by urging lawmakers to remember the economic dividends of investing in affordable housing.

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A Tallahassee businessman gave city commissioners a tour Thursday of two new developments aimed at easing the city’s affordable housing crisis. 

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Low income housing units have no effect on nearby property values, according to a new study by real estate company Trulia.  The finding comes at a time when there are some concerns around affordable housing in Leon County.

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Florida officials are finalizing a plan to fund more affordable housing for extremely low income people.

Tallahassee is an affordable place to live—if you’re a college student. That’s the bottom line from a report by the rental tracker service, Zumper.

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Communities across the country are implementing a 'Housing First' model as a new approach to fight homelessness. Some local officials want to bring the program to Leon County.

Tallahassee Team Wins Neighborhood Health Grant

May 23, 2016
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The Invest Health Initiative is awarding community development grants to teams in 50 cities across the country. A group of Tallahassee leaders has won $60,000.

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A housing assistance bill Governor Rick Scott signed into law Friday sets aside funds to increase affordable, inclusive housing options. 

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At the heart of modern political debates is the role and size of government: to expand or regulate, support or restrict. And for many, the crux of the issue is how government should handle the disadvantaged. This week, Florida lawmakers considered two sides of the same coin: public assistance.


Home sales are rising across Florida and so is the cost of rent. Many Floridians are stuck somewhere in the middle. Now a coalition of housing advocates are calling on the state legislature to steer more money into housing programs. For years the state’s housing trust fund has been used elsewhere.