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Capital Report: 09-20-2019

When it comes to the preferred weapons of choice for mass shooters, AR-15 style rifles are high on the list.  Variants of the AR-15 were used by  gunmen at the Las Vegas Harvest music festival shooting, as well as the Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shootings. That gun has taken much of the blame for lost lives, and is itself the target of proposed gun bans across America. Blaise Gainey has more.

Lawmakers took some time this week to consider the causes of mass violence -- and how mental illness could play a part.  Gina Jordan says the discussions came amid a request for more mental health funding for schools.

The state of Florida is refining draft rules for its hemp program, which officials expect to become a multi-million dollar business within a year. Ryan Dailey reports.

It’s taking residents in the Panhandle longer to recover after Hurricane Michael than it typically takes after a hurricane hits Florida. That’s something the state’s chief economist says lawmakers should keep in mind as they start thinking about next year’s state budget. Regan McCarthy reports.

For years, certain issues such as climate change and LGBTQ rights have been solidly associated with the Democratic side of the political spectrum.  But now some Florida Republicans are beginning to adopt a more bi-partisan view on these matters. Robbie Gaffney has more on how lawmakers are working to make changes this coming 2020 legislative session.

Teachers, students, and families from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School don't want people to forget how their lives were changed. So they told their stories to a former student who's been collecting them. A year and a half after the shooting, WLRN's Caitie Switalski [Kate-EE Swuh-TALL-ski] visited a new exhibit at the Coral Springs Museum of Art ... that tells these stories through photography and sound.