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Capital Report: 06-21-2019

Governor Ron DeSantis today [Friday] signed the state’s 90.9 billion dollar budget. Shawn Mulcahy has more.

This week saw suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel go before the Senate special master in his appeal hearing. Ryan Dailey reports Israel pointed to Governor Ron DeSantis allegations of incompetence on the job as political.

The Florida Department of Education recently announced the addition of three more school districts to the state’s Guardian Program. It’s been controversial from the start; opponents have mostly worried about the idea of people other than law enforcement officers having the ability to carry guns in schools. But Lynn Hatter reports, not all districts are carrying out the program the way most people think.    

Next time you get gas, you might see Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s smiling face at the pump. Fried’s sticker have stirred up some controversy, but she says she plans to leave them in place. Regan McCarthy has more…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed off on granting e-scooter riders the same rights as bicyclists. Now, cities across Florida are implementing e-scooter programs, but as Robbie Gaffney Reports, those programs aren’t without concerns. 

The non-profit Triumph Gulf Coast is setting aside funds it hope will help Panhandle students soar. Blaise Gainey tells us about a drone training program approved by the board.

Finally tonight:   As democratic presidential candidates set their sights on Miami for their first round of debates, Florida lawmakers championing climate change awareness held a press conference voicing the importance of taking the issue seriously. Kevin Del Orbe [del-Or-bay] explains.