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Capital Report: 05-03-2019

The Florida Legislature is expected to approve the final product of its budget for this year Saturday. Ryan Dailey reports both chambers got their turn to weigh in on the spending plan today.

On the 60th day of Florida’s session the legislature has passed a bill that details how a felon would go about getting their voting rights restored. The moves comes after 5.1 million Floridians voted to give felons who’ve completed their sentence and did not commit a felony sexual assault or murder their voting rights back.

Since its approval in November implementing the amendment has been a hot button topic. Many Republicans believe terms like completion of sentence, murder and sexual felony offense all need to be defined. WFSU’s Blaise Gainey speaks with American Civil Liberties Union Kirk Bailey about his organization’s view on the bill.

The only thing left for lawmakers to do tomorrow is vote on the proposed state budget. Gina Jordan spoke with Gary Fineout, a writer for Politico and a long-time member of the Capitol Press Corps, about why the budget was turned in late and what happens next to all the bills that passed.

After years discussing legislation aimed at cracking down on bad actors in Florida homes, lawmakers have passed as bill they hope will help ensure addicts are getting the treatment and care they need.

Finally, this week, we take a trip to the beach. The perils of plastic pollution made headlines last week when a baby dolphin was found with a stomach full of plastic and had to be euthanized. As Kerry Sheridan reports, there's a new effort to track another danger that is washing ashore by the millions across the Gulf of Mexico.