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Capital Report: 04-17-2014

There are three branches of government: legislative, judicial and executive. In recent years, battles have emerged, pitting Florida’s executive and legislative branches, against the judiciary. Many of those battles have to do with policy, but some have to do with funding. Now, as Lynn Hatter reports, some state lawmakers are calling for more money for the courts—primarily for the people who work in them.

In just a few months, the Jacksonville woman who inspired the so-called “Warning Shot” bill is expected to have another trial. As Sascha Cordner reports, several activist groups rallied at the Capitol Thursday, urging Governor Rick Scott to get rid of the lead State Attorney who’s seeking a 60-year prison term in the re-trial of Marissa Alexander.

Now an update on a Florida bill aimed at promoting equality among Florida’s workforce. The measure bars employers from discriminating against people who are gay or transgendered. But as Jessica Palombo reports, it never saw the light of debate. 

As the four year anniversary of the Gulf Coast BP oil spill approaches, environmentalists and effected communities are pausing to take stock of how far they’ve come and how much recovery they have left to do.