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Capital Report: 03-18-2014

State Attorneys say they’re against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.  At least one of those prosecutors says he’s also dead set against the so-called bipartisan tweak bill now moving in the Senate. As Sascha Cordner reports, he’s railing against an NRA-backed provision in the bill that he insists would “make a bad policy a lot worse”.  Meanwhile, there are worries the issue may cause a squabble among Legislative Republicans.

The state board of education has approved several new bachelor’s degree programs at what were formerly known as community colleges. Lynn Hatter reporters the approval comes as some lawmakers look to restrict the board’s authority to approve those programs.

There’s an old saying….grandparents have the God-given right to see – and spoil – their grand kids.   Many Floridians would agree – grandparents play an important role in a child’s life. But should they be able to push their way in when parents don’t want them there? Regan McCarthy reports that’s topic of a bill lawmakers heard Tuesday.

Most college football powerhouses have some variant of “Pro-Day”.   That’s a last chance for pro team scouts to check out the available talent before the N-F-L draft.  Nick Evans reports that occasion becomes more frenzied than usual when the players under the microscope belong to the team that just snagged a national championship.