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Capital Report: 09-06-2013

With less than a month left before federal insurance marketplaces open for business, there’s still no word on how much plans will cost. But as Lynn Hatter reports, there’s no guarantee people will be able to afford even discounted plans, even if they take the subsidies being touted on the exchanges.

There are at least ten families awaiting the return of their loved ones’ remains from the grounds of the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. They’re hoping researchers who spent last weekend at the school can match DNA samples they’ve provided to DNA found at the site. As Sascha Cordner reports, it’s the latest step in closing what, for some, has been a decades-long mystery.

After the June murder of an eight-year old girl by a registered sex offender, many Floridians are calling for a crackdown on those who commit sexual crimes.  But as Ryan Benk reports, some experts say an unrestrained push to punish may not be the best solution.

Florida Governor Rick Scott often says he thinks the state should be run more like a business. One way it already does is by farming out responsibilities to many department heads – quite a few of whom have come and gone in Scott’s first three years on the job. As Regan McCarthy reports, a recent exodus of state agency chiefs has left some wondering what such a high turnover rate indicates for the state as a corporation.

One Florida county has a higher percentage of people over 65 than any other large county in the nation. That county is Sarasota, and some business leaders there now say that all those seniors - rather than a demographic drawback - could be a valuable asset. As Robin Sussingham from member station WUSF reports, that’s led to a boom in data-gathering, leading some to believe the county could become a "mecca" for those who want to learn more about how we age.