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Capital Report: Medicaid Rollout Begins

This week the federal government has finally signed off on the first part of a plan steering three million low-income Floridians on Medicaid into a managed care or HMO system. Lynn Hatter reports the decision comes two years after state lawmakers approved the conversion in an attempt to control costs in the 22-billion dollar program.

All of us have bad days from time to time. Occasionally, we may even have a bad week. Tom Flanigan reports that, for Florida’s private-public organization that does economic development, this was definitely a bad week….

With the Florida Legislative session a month away, some bills are being shaped in committees while others may never even make it to a committee floor. But as Jessica Palombo reports, a watchdog group is already releasing its watch list of legislation that it says could make government more open or more hidden.

The Florida House and Senate are split on what to do about a type of campaign slush fund that’s been getting some flack in the news lately. House members say its time to do away with the funds known as CCEs, but Regan McCarthy reports Senate leaders say the problem can be solved with more rules for how those accounts can be used.

A bill that would eliminate the state’s pension plan has cleared its first hurdle in the Florida Legislature. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, the proposal doing away with the state’s most popular retirement option is already facing mounting opposition from current and former state employees, Democrats, and even some Republicans.