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Capital Report: 2012 Democratic National Convention

Democrats found themselves defending their positions on Israel this week (last week) as they rallied in North Carolina. But the Democratic National Convention got off to a rocky start when the party had to explain why their platform did not cite Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Lynn Hatter reports the language eventually found its way back into the document, but only after Republicans attacked the omission and Democrats held a contentious vote on whether to put it back in.

It’s been two weeks of back-to-back Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and one demographic both parties hope to court during the presidential election is minority voters. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, while the Democrats have more of a diverse base, Republicans, who are mostly white, are seeing a lack of diversity in their party ranks.

Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties are working to get the female vote. A number of speeches at both party conventions addressed women or social issues related to women, but Regan McCarthy reports the two parties are using two totally different plan in their efforts to attract the ladies.

As soon as the Republican-led Florida Legislature released its new legislative district maps this year, voter rights groups and the Democratic Party filed lawsuits challenging them. As Jessica Palombo reports, this week, the redistricting battle is still raging, with a brand new lawsuit and a hearing in a separate, ongoing suit.

Florida voters will have to decide the fate of nearly a dozen state constitutional amendments in the upcoming election. Tom Flanigan reports one organization has set up an on-line resource to give voters all sides on each of those amendments.