"PowerUp" Partnership Helping Local Businesses

Feb 2, 2017

A few months ago, five established Tallahassee businesses were picked to receive some-high powered help in moving to the next level. That effort officially got underway Tuesday (1/31) night at DomiStation, which is one of the partners in the program.

Nic's Toggery, one of the five firms chosen for the "PowerUp" program, has been open in Tallahassee since 1950.
Credit Floridamemory.com

Another partner is long-time entrepreneur John Breed who now teaches at FSU's Jim Moran Institute. He said his specialty is helping businesses avoid pitfalls.

"To really help those entrepreneurs think through what decision they make next," he explained. "Where do they go from here? I think that's the power of the program."

John Medina, the new Chief Experience Officer with First Commerce Credit Union, said the businesses would have to pay a lot for this kind of help.

"I'm guessing the financial value of what these companies are going to get is in the $50,000-$60,000 range."

Among the five businesses, Victor Gavalas's Nic's Toggery. "(To) move from a 67-year old company and find a way to set some groundwork for the future and I think this is what it's all about because this is what we want to do," he said.

The other firms receiving help: Chop Barbershop, Catalina Cafe, the Florida Aviation Center and Secure Records Solutions.