Old Shipping Containers House New Maclay Learning Center

May 17, 2019

Tallahassee's Maclay School is conducting its latest learning program in a very unusual classroom building.

Each of the three I-Think classrooms was constructed from three sormer shipping containers.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The school's new I-Think curriculum combines hi-tech and hi-touch elements. During a media showcase of the facility, Maclay's Head-of-School James Milford said this is probably the first classroom building in America made from refurbished shipping containers.

"Not another school in the nation that we can find using up-cycled shipping containers, trying to build green buildings so that this place can be a hands-on classroom for the students," he explained.

In the Computer Science, Robotics and Engineering classroom, eighth grader Clayton Knox was running a 3-D printer operation. "We started using them and now we have the ability to make whatever we want," he said.

Interior view of the I-Think computer science, robotics and engineering classroom.
Credit Tom Flanigan

At the other end of the complex is Biomedical and Science Research. In between them is the Inspiration and Design classroom and Upper School Art Teacher Kaitlyn Dressel.

"I think my favorite part is that it's connected to two other phenomenal teachers where I don't know a lot about their subjects, but I know there's going to be some awesome brainstorming," she remarked.

The I-Think program also requires students to seek mentoring and learning experiences using all available community resources outside of the Maclay campus.