New Poll: Florida Governor's Race Too Close To Call

Sep 24, 2014

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and gubernatorial opponent Democrat Charlie Crist are neck and neck according to the latest poll by Quinnipiac University. Voters remain divided between the two major party candidates.

The poll shows the race is too close to declare any candidate a frontrunner.
Credit Erik Hersman / Flickr

The poll shows 44 percent of likely voters favor Scott, while 42 percent would pick Crist. Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie has support from 8 percent.

But Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll Peter Brown says he expects Wyllie’s 8 percent to fade come election day.

“Will those who tell us today that they’re going to vote for Mr. Wyllie actually vote for Mr. Wyllie?" Brown asks.  "And if they don’t vote for Mr. Wyllie, will they stay at home or will they vote for one of the two major party candidates?”

Brown says those voters could play a role in determining which major candidate comes out on top. Based on the survey, he predicts Scott’s support bumping up to 46 percent and Crist’s to 44 percent.

Crist has a 2 percent lead over Scott among female voters, but Scott holds an 8 percent lead over Crist among men.

Meanwhile, close to 50 percent of all likely voters agree neither Crist nor Scott is honest or trustworthy.