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Donald DeBevoise is originally from Winter Park, Florida and now studies English and economics at Florida State University. He is a member of the Society for Collegiate Journalists at FSU. Donald also writes for a student-based magazine called The Last Word. He aspires to enter the journalism field upon graduating. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, hiking and jogging.

Gwen Graham
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Democrat Congresswoman-Elect Gwen Graham kicked off her North Florida Jobs Tour by meeting with Tallahassee business leaders Monday morning.

Graham says she’s pushing for bipartisan cooperation to fix major problems facing the region’s economy. The state of the Apalachicola Bay is one thing heading that list.

“It is a unique treasure for our country, not just for North Florida," Graham says. "And we need to get more people invested in caring about its survival. Because we’re at that point right now where it’s a question of survival.”

unveiling of great tree challenge
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A community-wide initiative to document Leon County’s oldest and most historically significant trees is underway. This is the first government-backed effort to record Leon’s trees.

Neighborhood logo

Residents of Tallahassee’s affluent Killearn neighborhood are objecting to a possible sale of a portion of the local golf course. They don’t like the idea of what that land could become.

In mid-November Killearn Country Club owner Barton Tuck sent ballots to neighborhood residents who live along the land he plans to sell. The ballot asked the residents to waive their right to be the first to purchase the land. That would allow the club to sell it, no strings attached.

Construction workers
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Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped by a tenth of a percent since October. But some question if the downward trend in the unemployment rate will continue.

At 6 percent, unemployment is the lowest it’s been since June of 2008. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Director Jesse Panuccio says he thinks the state’s economic policies are encouraging business owners to open up more jobs. 

Record Cold temperatures
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Waves of frigid air have brought record low temperatures to some North Florida areas. Forecasters say this could be the first in a series of cold snaps as the state heads into Winter.

Tuesday night in Tallahassee the temperature dropped all the way to 22 degrees, a record low for November 18th in the city. Tonight, forecasters expect temperatures to reach a low of 23 degrees. Weather Service forecaster Jeff Fournier says more cold snaps are coming to Florida.

United Way
United Way of the Big Bend

A new report from United Way shows nearly half of Florida’s households are struggling to make ends meet. United Way officials say their measurement tool called the ALICE Threshold gives a clearer image of poverty in the state.

Athletics Director Kellen Winslow

Update 11/12/14: Florida A&M University Athletics Director Kellen Winslow Sr. has issued a letter of apology to the campus community.

“Upon my arrival, it was evident that we had numerous issues that required immediate attention and I focused my energies on addressing those issues," Winslow wrote in a statement put out by FAMU.


Florida environmental officials put on a yearly series of interactive and educational sessions on Apalachicola’s ecosystems. The Department of Environmental Protection aims to give participants insight into human impacts on the environment.

Bill Proctor standing in dark suit and striped tie

Incumbent Commissioner Bill Proctor will retain his Leon County Commission Seat. He beat out opponent Weser Khufu to continue representing seat 1. Proctor says he wants to continue gathering funds for his south side district.

Proctor will continue to serve in the commission seat he’s held since he assumed it in 1996. The incumbent commissioner had almost 3 times as many votes from District 1 residents as his opponent, local building contractor Weser Khufu. Proctor says his re-election is an opportunity to continue improving the district’s infrastructure.

Nick Maddox

Current Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox has been re-elected to his Group 2 seat.

Maddox easily defeated his challenger, local real estate broker Curtis Baynes. But, Baynes says he’ll continue pushing for solutions to his key issues and not dwell on what could have been.

“We can always speculate on what we could have done and when we could have done it," Baynes says. "My concern is and has always been with respect to this economic portion of this sales tax and how we’re spending that and how we’re not spending it.”

Sunshine Bass

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will put more than 3 million fish into Florida’s waters this year, a good portion of which will be a special hybrid of bass. The agency says the fish is beneficial to both anglers and the environment.

There will be a little more "sunshine" in Florida, as the FWC plans to ship out its special sunshine bass breed next spring.

Florida A and M University

Florida A&M University has parted ways with Rattlers head football coach Earl Holmes. The school says it’s time to take its football team in a new direction.

FAM-U Hall of Famer and former pro linebacker Earl Holmes’ was let go days before the school’s homecoming weekend. Holmes shook hands with players and gave goodbyes Tuesday in an emotional exit from the school. FAM-U spokesman Jimmy Miller says Holmes has been placed on a leave of absence until his contract ends in January.

Orange tree
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Experts predict a spike in the price of Florida’s citrus this upcoming harvest season, meaning slightly more revenue for the state’s farmers. But an unexpected increase in orange production could keep retail prices low.

Citrus greening is a bacterial disease that’s cut Florida’s citrus crops in half since it first struck the state’s trees in 2005. The lower supply has helped farmers fetch higher prices per orange. But, former University of Florida professor of agricultural economics Tom Spreen says farmers are still having a hard time breaking even.

Pike Fraternity

Earlier this month, Florida State University officials temporarily suspended the campus’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, or Pike, Fraternity following complaints of illegal drug use, sexual assault, and excessive alcohol use over the course of the Fall semester. A week later officials lifted the suspension.

Wakulla Springs
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The gubernatorial and congressional races are headlining this November’s election, but voters will also be asked to decide a few down-ticket races, like who will serve on the Leon County Soil and Water Conservation District board.

Leon County’s Soil and Water Conservation District has five elected volunteer supervisors.

Created in 1937 as part of the New Deal, Soil and Water Conservation Districts originally represented small-scale farms by reporting soil and water needs to the government. Today, the groups primarily act as environmental advocates and educators.

medical marijuana
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Support for a medical-marijuana amendment on Florida’s November ballot has fallen, according to several recent polls. The Yes On 2 campaign remains confident it will get enough votes to be adopted.

A Tampa Bay Times poll shows only 48% of likely voters say they’ll vote to legalize medical marijuana. Even a University of North Florida poll, which has consistently shown the highest numbers of supporters among likely voters, dropped from about 80% to 68%. But United for Care’s Yes On 2 campaign manager Ben Pollara says he isn’t surprised by the results of the polls.

A gas pump.
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The average gas price in Florida is lower than it’s been in more than two years, and experts say it will continue to drop. An abundance of oil and changes in driving patterns are helping the decline.

At about $3.20 per gallon, Florida is seeing the lowest price in regular-grade gasoline since July of 2012. Traditionally, gas costs drop slightly as summer travel comes to an end and consumers settle into the school year. But spokesman for AAA’s Florida division, Mark Jenkins, says more factors are contributing to declining prices.

Jameis Winston
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Update 5:00 p.m.: Florida State University head coach Jimbo Fisher is defending Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston. Fisher's words come as FSU prepares to hold a disciplinary hearing on whether Winston violated the student code of conduct based on 2012 sexual assault allegations against him.

Gwen Graham
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Florida District Two Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham says if elected, she will be open about her dealings in Washington. Graham rolled out her so-called “Sunshine Plan” Wednesday.

The Graham Sunshine Plan revolves around providing insight into schedules and government meetings. It says she’d also vote for stricter disclosure of special interest money in campaigns and against congressional perks funded by taxes. Graham says she thinks elected officials should be compelled to keep the public informed.

Elmira Mangum speaking
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Elmira Mangum’s Inauguration as Florida A&M University’s eleventh president capped a week of celebrating the school’s “new season” with her appointment. Speakers from FAMU and across the nation praised Mangum and her vision for the school at the ceremony Friday.

Tallahassee ethics officer Julie Meadows-Keefe is under increasing pressure to resign. Her attorney is demanding a public apology.

There’s a new ethics officer in town and her name is Julie Meadows-Keefe. The Tallahassee City Commission appointed Meadows-Keefe to the job Wednesday, but what she will do if voters adopt an ethics amendment in November, is unclear.

Meadows-Keefe says in her new job she’ll help to ensure citizens that ethics codes are being followed.

“I feel that this role is to help the city government and the public to know and understand their state and local ethics laws, their rules and their policies, so ethical violations can be avoided,” Meadows-Keefe says.

students rallied on campus
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Florida A&M University students and professors held an on-campus campaign promoting voter registration and an awareness of student debt Friday. At the event, students were encouraged to take part in the political process.

The rally on the school’s campus helped kick off the National Education Association’s "Degrees Not Debt" campaign Friday morning. The campaign is part of a countrywide initiative by the NEA to support more relief for student debt and encourage students to vote in favor of pro-education politicians.

A sign saying Vote Here
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott and gubernatorial opponent Democrat Charlie Crist are neck and neck according to the latest poll by Quinnipiac University. Voters remain divided between the two major party candidates.

The poll shows 44 percent of likely voters favor Scott, while 42 percent would pick Crist. Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie has support from 8 percent.

But Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll Peter Brown says he expects Wyllie’s 8 percent to fade come election day.

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam addressed  Apalachicola Bay’s struggling oyster industry Friday. Putnam says extra efforts need to be devoted to preserving the industry.

He says the continued decline of oysters in Apalachicola Bay is a threat not only to the North Florida economy but the entire state’s.

Jameis Winston
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Florida State University’s star quarterback Jameis Winston has been suspended from the first half  of Saturday’s football game against Clemson. Winston apologized Wednesday for yelling obscenities.

On Tuesday FSU students tweeted that Winston had shouted a vulgar phrase about women while standing on a table in the student union. The phrase comes from an internet meme inspired by a video of a man interrupting a live news broadcast and yelling the words. At a press conference Wednesday Winston addressed his actions.