Gov. Scott Asks Florida Hospitals Undergo Ebola Protection Training

Oct 13, 2014

Credit Cynthia Goldsmith / CDC

  In response to the recent treatment and death of the first diagnosed Ebola patient in the United States, Governor Rick Scott is asking Florida hospitals to train healthcare workers on the proper procedures for treating Ebola victims. The mandate requires hospitals in the state to complete training sessions on protocols and use of protective equipment recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Scott says that the effort is a preemptive measure to ensure the safety of caretakers in case the Ebola virus makes its way to Florida. "In light of what happened in Dallas, we want to make sure those healthcare professionals on the front lines have the training and equipment they need to protect their health and safety," said Scott in Sunday's press release announcing the measures.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Health has created a new program requiring all 210 acute care hospitals to report cases of Ebola. Officials raised concerns over the weekend when a Dallas nurse contracted the Ebola virus while treating Thomas Duncan, the first diagnosed Ebola patient who died Wednesday. No cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Florida.