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Alex Fahnlander is an undergraduate English student at Florida State University. Outside of WFSU, she serves as Assignments Editor and Continuity Director for FSU’s student-run radio station, WVFS and as a Resident Assistant in a freshman residence hall. After graduation Alex hopes to pursue a career in radio production. In her spare time she enjoys listening to her favorite podcasts, drawing portraits, watching The Office, and developing stories for future graphic novels.

Florida Supreme Court
Nick Evans / WFSU News

Florida Chief Justice Jorge Larbarga has created a new Commission to study the unmet legal needs of lower and middle-income Floridians in an effort to increase access to the courts for people who have to represent themselves.

Camp Helen State Park

Florida will now dedicate a third of its revenues from real estate transaction fees for water and land conservation after voters approved Amendment One Tuesday.

The Ebola Virus as viewed through a transmission electron micrograph.
Cynthia Goldsmith / CDC

  In response to the recent treatment and death of the first diagnosed Ebola patient in the United States, Governor Rick Scott is asking Florida hospitals to train healthcare workers on the proper procedures for treating Ebola victims. The mandate requires hospitals in the state to complete training sessions on protocols and use of protective equipment recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Fawn in St. Francis Wildlife
Alexandra Fahnlander / WFSU News

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is reminding people not to remove fawns from the wild. The practice is illegal and endangers the life of baby deer.

Theresa Stevenson is an animal rehabilitator at Saint Francis Wildlife Association in Quincy. She says many people bring fawns in. 

"So what we have to do is basically put it back," she says. "We take a lot of time taking healthy fawns back to their moms."

Stevenson explains the well-intentioned move has serious consequences.

Bond Community Health Center
Bond CHC

Over the past year, Bond Community Health Center has suffered funding cuts from the Federal Government and been threatened with losing portions of its County budget. If nothing changes, some expect the center may soon need to close its doors. But the Center is looking to reallocate portions of its budget from Leon County to leverage for a little more than one million dollars in state matching funds.

courthouse exterior
Alex Fahnlander / WFSU News

Tallahassee's First District Court of Appeal court heard arguments Friday about whether a seat on the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Northeast Florida should be filled by voters or appointed by Gov. Rick Scott. Jacksonville attorney David Trotti brought the case against the state.

Trotti filed and qualified to run for the seat left vacant by retiring Chief Judge Donald Maron. Trotti says Maron announced a change to his original intended resignation date, leaving a brief vacancy.