FSU's Barron laments "brain drain" of faculty to other schools

Jun 19, 2012

Four years of budget cuts have led to faculty and staff layoffs and program closures. FSU President Eric Barron says it’s also led schools such as the University of North Texas, to pick off FSU faculty.

“And they realize they can give this person a $20,000  raise, something that would take them years to get at Florida, and still cut their budget. My budget keeps cutting to the extent that I can’t keep up. Hence, why I’m losing 50 [faculty] per year,” Barron said in a presentation to the Florida Board of Governors Tuesday.

The report comes as FSU requests permission to raise tuition by 15-percent this year.

Barron says it’s hard to plan and take risks with the looming threat of budget cuts year after year. It’s a problem that FSU has in common with other state universities. Despite that, the school is also looking to add six more master’s programs and a consolidated doctoral program.