Capital Report: 10-03-2014

Oct 3, 2014

Florida school district officials are writing thousands of new exams to administer to students this school year. Lynn Hatter reports, the effort to create end-of-course tests in subjects not evaluated at the state level, is causing more parents, and local education officials to call for a time out on testing.

A handful of lawmakers have announced plans to file bills to bridle what some are calling “over reaching” utilities. Regan McCarthy reports the measures put new rules in place for everything from when utilities can increase rates to who can lobby the utility’s regulators.

Florida’s first Lieutenant Governor under Governor Rick Scott says she wants to set the record straight about certain things that occurred during her time with the Scott administration. As Sascha Cordner reports, it’s all part of Jennifer Carroll’s autobiography—released last month—that she’s now promoting across the state.

Elmira Mangum’s inauguration as Florida A&M University’s eleventh president capped off a week of celebrating what the school is calling a “New Season”.  As Donald DeBevoise reports, speakers from FAMU and across the nation praised Mangum and her vision for the school during today’s ceremonies.

Time was, only a few generations ago, most of America’s jobs involved manual labor, often in a big factory of some kind.  But in the past few decades, technology has pushed many of America’s blue collar jobs away from heavy industry and towards skilled trades.  Nick Evans reports North Florida Community College is hoping a new program will prepare its students for these jobs of the future.