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July 10, 2020

Florida’s education commissioner issued a mandate this week, requiring schools to open five days a week in the Fall. Ryan Dailey has more on the reaction from education stakeholders.

Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing for more coronavirus testing in Florida. He says the tests will help health officials have a better understanding of how the virus has spread through the state. But as Regan McCarthy reports, some experts have raised concern about the accuracy of the tests.

Rural food banks across Florida are seeing more people come in to get meals due to the coronavirus pandemic. We get that story from Robbie Gaffney.

Florida’s road network depends heavily on per-gallon taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. Those taxes are used to fund road construction and maintenance. In the coming two decades, the gas tax may need to be doubled - over the current average of thirty-six-point-seven cents per gallon - to offset the decline in revenue caused by more fuel-efficient cars and electric vehicles. A new study by the James Madison Institute explains that’s why taxes should be charged per-mile instead of per-gallon. The author of the study is Robert Poole with the Reason Foundation, a non-profit public policy think tank. He spoke with Gina Jordan.

As both the Primary and General elections draw night, there’s a growing chorus calling for changes to the way voting is done. Voting rights advocates and elections supervisors have asked Governor Ron DeSantis to make changes to ensure the safety of voting in the midst of the global pandemic. For that story, we go to Blaise Gainey.