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411 Teen: TBI / Concussions


Dr. Michael Lewis, an expert on Traumatic Brain Injury, discusses the etiology, prognosis and treatment of TBI, or concussions.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: May 1, 2016 

Perspectives: Gaines Street Development

16 hours ago

Take a drive through Tallahassee and you’ll see development in nearly every neighborhood. And one might say the epicenter of that growth is right along Gaines Street. But along with growth spurts come growing pains and not everyone sees eye-to-eye when it comes to Tallahassee’s changing identity. So, what does it take to balance the needs of a growing city while maintaining the small-town charm that attracted many of its residents in the first place? 

Joining the Conversation are:

Cherie Bryant, Director of planning for the city of Tallahassee Leon County

411 Teen: Growing Up Without A Dad

Apr 25, 2016

A student shares her experience of growing up without her incarcerated biological father in the picture. She talks candidly about coping without him, and the pressures of daily living.

Host: Dr. Liz Holifield

Original airdate: April 24, 2016 

When I’m not in Tallahassee for classes, I live in Orlando with my family, but I was born in Buffalo, New York. I’m a Creative Writing Major and graduating senior. I write to share my experiences and to connect with others!

Capital Report: 04-22-2016

Apr 22, 2016

In the run-up to the presidential election, the Republican Party of Florida is busy selecting delegates. In the case of an open or contested convention, delegates could play a significant role. Kate Payne reports.

Higher education promises to be a central focus for incoming senate President Joe Negron, and he just completed a four day tour of Florida’s university system.  Every school wants the same things, but Nick Evans reports the visit to two schools in Tallahassee shows they’re not starting from the same place.