Superintendent Jackie Pons

The Leon County School Board has launched an investigation into outgoing Superintendent Jackie Pons after photos and anonymous allegations were sent to the district and local media outlets, including WFSU.

Leon Superintendent Jackie Pons is dealing with the aftermath following a decision to run a negative tv ad against an opponent. The move has backfired, causing some of Pons’ supporters to disavow him. The ad was pulled Monday, but the damage may be permanent.

Possible Creation of Woodville K-8 School

Jun 22, 2016
Woodville Middle School

The Leon County School Board is reviewing a proposal made by the Woodville Middle School Board of Directors.The board wants to merge their school with Woodville Elementary.

Jackie Pons speaking with a constituent at a Village Square event in 2013.
Village Square

The Florida legislature's Joint Legislative Auditing Committee wants to know whether the Leon County School District has made changes to construction policies that resulted in dozens of projects not competitively bid. Lawmakers say they won't seek a review of legal fees paid as a result of ongoing investigations.

Leon County Schools

The race for Leon County Superintendent is heating up this week. Current superintendent Jackie Pons has announced his re-election bid, and one of his rivals, Rocky Hanna, has filed to run.

Superintendent Jackie Pons announces his fourth run at Rickards High School.
By Andrew J. Mitchell, Jr.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons is running for a fourth term. He made his formal announcement Tuesday.  The former Rickards teacher visited his old job for his announcement.

An outside consultant hired to investigate accusations against District School Superintendent Jackie Pons is reiterating his assertion there’s no criminal wrongdoing. The finalized version of his report comes as the district remains under an FBI probe of school construction projects the consultant says won’t end anytime soon.

Jackie Pons

The Leon County School district says it will give the public a look at a search warrant executed last week once it gets approval from the federal government. The district’s email server was taken as part of an ongoing investigation into the way it awarded school construction jobs.

Jackie Pons speaking with a constituent at a Village Square event in 2013.
Village Square

The Leon County School District is under investigation for how it decided who got construction contracts as far back as 2007.  The FBI and a federal grand jury are handling the inquiry.

LHatter / WFSU News

Leon County School district officials are taking aim at what they call “politically motivated” attacks against Superintendent Jackie Pons. The district used a workshop meeting on construction to address allegations Pons steered construction contracts to his political donors.

The Leon County School Board will be discussing the districts policies on construction and maintenance projects tonight.

School board officials will take public comment and talk about how the Leon County District awards construction and maintenance projects to companies. Officials will also discuss how the district chooses what projects it will undertake and which ones it won’t.  

The meeting comes as the district’s superintendent faces accusations he and other school officials steered construction projects to political donors.

LHatter / WFSUNews

For weeks now, the Leon County School district has been facing allegations of wrongdoing when it comes to how officials award construction and maintenance projects. The primary target of those claims, is Superintendent Jackie Pons. The district is trying to push back against those claims but that's proving hard to do, when the group making the charges remains anonymous.

LHatter / WFSU News

An anonymous group claims Leon County School District officials circumvented state competitive bidding laws in awarding school construction projects to political donors.

The group calling itself "Concerned Leon County School Board Employees and Citizens of Leon County" questions whether Superintendent Jackie Pons broke state law by awarding construction projects at six schools to local contractors who have also made campaign contributions to him.

Leon County School Officials say the steep decline in scores on the FCAT Writing test will have an impact on school grades. But they don’t know how big that impact will be. Lynn Hatter reports, this year nearly 75-percent of all students taking the writing exam failed it, prompting the state board of education to hold an emergency hearing Tuesday to reduce the passing score from a 4 to a three.

In the past, public school lunchrooms haven’t always been known for serving tasty food that’s also healthy food.  But Tom Flanigan reports there’s a major move in Florida to serve students good-tasting meals that are also good for them.

Springwood Elementary School looks a little bit like a set from the Food Network.  Various yummy menu ingredients are stacked on a table.  Some students are talking about their most and least favorite foods.

Leon County school district officials are launching a campaign to renew the half-cent sales tax. The money goes for school construction and maintenance and, as Lynn Hatter reports, the district is partnering with the Leon Chamber to justify the expense.