Donald DeBevoise / WFSU-News

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater rolled up their sleeves and joined a delegation of representatives from more than 100 Miami-Dade County groups to serve a hungry line of lobbyists, politicians and staffers large plates of paella in the midday sun today.

Lawmakers help to serve the Paella
Donald DeBevoise

Miami-Dade County officials kicked off their annual lobbying effort at the Capitol Wednesday in the traditional way: sharing a giant pot of paella. It’s a traditionally Latin-American rice dish mixed with an assortment of spices, chicken and seafood, and it drew a large crowd to the Capitol courtyard.

Joe Corradino, a Miami resident who came to Tallahassee for the day, compared the dish to the city itself.

“I mean to say you see the paella, you throw a bunch of things in the pot and you cook all that’s in there, just like Miami,” Corradino said.

Kerry J / Flickr Creative Commons

The healthcare advocacy group AIDS Healthcare Foundation is petitioning the Florida Department of Health after performers in an adult film made in Broward and Miami-Dade County were found not to be using condoms. But, the adult film isn’t considered a legitimate business in Florida.

South Florida Kidnapping Scam Wrings Ransom From Heartstrings

Apr 8, 2013
Juan Toro

How much would you pay for the life of your wife or husband? What about your brother or sister? Mother or father? Son or daughter? Can you put a price on your loved ones?  Telephone scammers are betting you’d pay anything to keep your family safe.

I got one of those “you won’t believe what just happened” calls not too long ago. A friend of a friend of a friend and his wife were virtually kidnapped at the same time. No, it’s not the mutated cousin of identity theft. It’s a telephone scam. The very next day I had the husband on the phone explaining what happened.