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More Than 80% Of Florida's ICU Beds Are Full. Here's What Floridians Can Do To Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Three face masks laid out on a surface.
Mika Baumeister
Dr. Aileen Marty says Floridians need to understand the importance of wearing face masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

According to state data, more than 80% of Florida's ICU beds are full, raising alarms for Democratic lawmakers and physicians. Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Aileen Marty says there are many things Floridians can do on their own to help stop the spread.

"They need to understand and value the need for a face cover. [Floridians] need to know how to properly wear [face masks], how to avoid auto-contamination when using a mask, which mask[s] to use, and when to use them," Marty says.

Marty explains people can catch the virus from touching a contaminated object. She's also sharing concerns that the coronavirus will spread more when schools open in the fall. Marty says asymptomatic children can spread the disease just as much if not more than adults.

"So you put children from different households in a normal brick and mortar school in a zone that has 25% positivity, you're going to have an increase[d] transmission in the community. It is a risk," Marty says.

Marty is advising Miami-Dade Schools and recommends doing as much remote learning as possible rather than relying heavily on hybrid solutions. She says only the students of parents that have no other options should physically go to school.

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