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Nick Evans

Florida Governor Rick Scott is pushing for Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente to recuse herself from a major case deciding the limits of the governor’s appointment powers.

Nick Evans

A few words among Florida supreme court justices mumbled on a hot mic, has the governor looking for answers.  The exchange came at the end of a high profile hearing over who will name three upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court bench.

Florida Supreme Court
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The gubernatorial field is widening as the state Supreme Court is wrestling with the question of when the eventual winner’s nominating powers take effect.  The court’s next move could have major repercussions for the bench.

Ninth District circuit judge Alice Blackwell
Florida Channel

U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia may be dead, but his legacy is alive and well among those hoping for a seat on Florida’s Supreme Court.  With a vacancy opening up next year, nominees are touting their adherence to Scalia’s brand of constitutional originalism.

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There are four judicial vacancies in Florida’s federal courts, and each one has a nominee awaiting approval.  The group Integrity Florida wants the Senate to break the logjam.

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The state Supreme Court has to decide what will happen with a south Florida judicial vacancy.

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Tallahassee's First District Court of Appeal court heard arguments Friday about whether a seat on the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Northeast Florida should be filled by voters or appointed by Gov. Rick Scott. Jacksonville attorney David Trotti brought the case against the state.

Trotti filed and qualified to run for the seat left vacant by retiring Chief Judge Donald Maron. Trotti says Maron announced a change to his original intended resignation date, leaving a brief vacancy.

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Mar 27, 2014

On Wednesday the House Appropriations Committee signed off on a 75.3 billion dollar spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Thursday it was the Senate’s turn. That chamber’s appropriations committee has okayed a slightly smaller 74.9 billion dollar plan, but as Lynn Hatter reports, talks about higher education spending dominated the conversation.