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The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says they are not running a ticket quota system. The statement comes after an officer told his troopers they’re not issuing enough speeding citations.

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has launched its Safe Summer Travel Campaign. Florida Highway Patrol Captain Jeffrey Bissainthe says motorists should take several safety precautions during this year’s above-normal hurricane season.

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This month is Hit and Run Awareness Month, and the Florida Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to stay at the scene after a crash.


This month, Florida officials are highlighting the state’s Move Over Law and reminding motorists to move over for stopped emergency and utility vehicles. It’s especially important after a spike in crashes last year.

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A statewide initiative launched in select Florida counties is now underway in Leon County. The Alert Tonight Florida campaign focuses on improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

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The Florida Senate’s new budget chair is coming out in support of Governor Rick Scott’s plan to provide pay raises for the state’s law enforcement agencies.

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The “Stuff The Charger” Thanksgiving Food Drive is underway. It’s a way for the Florida Highway Patrol to collect food donations for needy families as well as recent storm victims.

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Drowsy Driving Prevention Week is underway, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are partnering with several law enforcement groups to recognize the importance of the issue.

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August is Child Safety Awareness Month, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles along with several other state agencies are partnering with law enforcement groups to recognize the importance of the month.

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Another campaign is underway to crack down on aggressive drivers, and the latest Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks, or TACT, campaign is slated to end next week.

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In advance of the Labor Day holiday, Florida Highway Patrol is highlighting the first week of September as Drowsy Driving Prevention Week to make sure motorists are not driving while they’re sleepy. The inspiration behind the week is an eight-year-old girl who lost her life to a drowsy driver in Tallahassee.

When remembering Ronshay Dugans, those who knew her remember her well, including Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend Kasey Dennis.


Florida State Troopers are partnering with other law enforcement agencies, in-and-out-of-state, for the “Hands Across the Border” safety campaign. It’s an annual campaign that aims to promote safe driving practices along area highways leading up to the Labor Day Holiday—particularly sober driving.

For the past few years, alcohol-related deaths have been on an increase in Florida. And, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Ryan Martina says law enforcers hope to make sure that doesn’t happen this Labor Day weekend.

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Florida drivers must now slow down and move over for utility service and sanitation vehicles as part of a new amendment to the state’s Move Over law. The law took effect July 1.

The amendment requires drivers to change lanes or slow down to a speed 20 mph under the posted speed limit when passing utility service or sanitation vehicles parked and working on the side of the road. The law previously applied only to emergency and first responder vehicles and tow trucks.

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Traffic on Florida roadways could soon begin moving faster if a bill filed in the Florida Senate becomes law. But experts say more speed equals more accidents.

The bill, filed by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) and Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth), would swap current 70-mile per hour speed limits on Florida interstates for 75 mile per hour thresholds. But Insurance Institute for Highway Safety spokesman Russ Rader says even though such bills might find political support, that doesn’t mean they’re smart.

Florida Now Taking Car Crash Reports Online

Oct 23, 2013

Florida motorists who have minor car crashes now have a quicker, less expensive way to report them to the state. The highway safety department is hoping its online car crash reporting form helps people comply with a state law requiring accidents to be reported within ten days of happening.

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A Florida state trooper fired for writing minor tickets to lawmakers caught speeding is appealing a state commission’s finding that the Highway Patrol was justified in disciplining him. Charles Swindle got his job back recently when his firing was reduced to a 120-hour suspension.

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A violation of a Florida highway safety law led to the June arrest of one of America’s Most Wanted. State troopers say it’s not only a lesson for motorists, it also caught a bad guy in the process.

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A Florida State Trooper fired after being lenient on state lawmakers caught speeding, could be getting his job back. A hearing officer’s report released on Monday says, the trooper was caught in a "no-win situation" and should be reinstated.

Hearing officer Gregg Morton is recommending for Trooper Charles Swindle’s firing to be reduced to a 15-day suspension without pay. He also said, the Florida Highway Patrol owes Swindle back pay since his March firing.

Capital Report: 05-31-2013

May 31, 2013

Federal forecasters say this is going to be a busy Atlantic hurricane season.  That season officially begins tomorrow (Saturday, June 1)  Meanwhile, as Sascha Cordner tells us, Florida officials are prepared and are hoping the state’s residents are, too.

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This week, a state trooper fired from the Florida Highway Patrol had a chance to defend himself at a hearing. The officer’s defense strategy is raising the question of whether lawmakers get free passes when they’re caught breaking the law.

Current and former troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol testified at the hearing, it’s common, unwritten policy to go easy on state lawmakers.

“This goes back to the academy. We were taught in the academy that if you stop a legislator, it would behoove you not to write a ticket,” retired Sgt. Gary Dawson said.

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It’s a long-standing unwritten policy among the Florida Highway Patrol not to ticket lawmakers when officers catch them speeding. That’s according to testimony from state troopers during an officer’s wrongful termination hearing on Wednesday.

Six-year veteran Highway Patrolman Charles Swindle was fired in March for writing tickets for offenses people didn’t commit. The charges came after a letter of complaint from a state lawmaker he’d pulled over for speeding on Interstate 10 in November.

Florida Gov. Signs Texting-While-Driving Ban Into Law

May 28, 2013

It will soon be illegal to send text messages while driving in Florida. Gov. Rick Scott signed a texting-while-driving ban into law on Tuesday.

Texting will be a ticketable offense only if police catch people doing it while they’re pulled over for something else, like speeding. And Nancy Rasmussen, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said, police can’t look at phones without a search warrant, so it might be hard to tell whether someone’s texting or doing something like using a GPS.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers are stepping up their patrol to make sure travelers are wearing their seatbelts. They’ll be cracking down on drivers over the next couple of weeks as part of a national campaign seat-belt enforcement campaign called Click It Or Ticket.

Captain Nancy Rasmussen with the Florida Highway Patrol says this campaign reminds drivers seat belts save lives.

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A new campaign is underway to reduce the number hit and run crashes across the state. There’s been an increase in these types of traffic accidents in the past two years. Florida Highway Patrol is hoping to get that number down by educating drivers about their responsibilities through a new campaign launched Monday.

Leon County Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement officials have apprehended a wanted felon after he escaped from a Georgia jail on Monday.  

32 year old Demetrius Walden escaped from the Colquitt County Jail on Monday, about 70 miles north east of Leon County. Walden was in custody for violating his probation and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Walden escaped on Monday while on a jail work detail.