Florida Department of Emergency Management

Two geologists at the FGS are studying the factors that lead to sinkholes.
Nick Evans

State geologists have completed a survey of sinkhole formations in three North Florida Counties.  Officials say this study will help predict which areas are most at risk for sinkholes in the future.

Over the past year, Clint Kromhout and Alan Baker of the Florida Geological Survey have studied sinkholes in Hamilton, Columbia, and Suwannee counties.  Kromout says they chose the area because of its varied terrain.

Those affected by Tropical Storm Debby can look to FEMA and the U.S Small Business Administration for help. Recovery centers are still available in several counties to aid victims of property and economic damage. And the Small Business Administration is offering fixed-interest loans to businesses and individuals. But FEMA spokeswoman Patricia Whitt says there is a Sept. 4 deadline to apply for assistance from both agencies.

After six seasons without a hurricane making landfall in the state, Florida Department of Emergency Management officials says some of the state’s citizens aren’t taking the threat of a hurricane seriously, but as the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew approaches, they’re working to remind citizens of the importance of being prepared when one does hit.



Department of Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon