Governor Rick Scott has kicked off his higher education summit, but the shindig is already under fire from critics who say it’s missing something—educators.

Jeb Bush/ facebook

After a stint on the campaign trail, former Governor Jeb Bush is returning to run his education advocacy group. The state’s win in the courts this week could make homecoming a little sweeter.

The Leon County School Board discusses the budget at its meeting today.

A challenge to the way Florida funds its public schools has been tossed out by a circuit judge. The lawsuit was brought by the group Citizens for Strong Schools. It alleged state leaders failed to provide adequate funding for a high quality education under Florida’s constitution.

A new study takes a look at graduation rates among alternative schools like charters and virtual options.
Johns Hopkins University

Charter schools, virtual schools and alternative schools have been held up as positive substitutes for kids who are struggling in a traditional public school setting. Several reports have found that students do as well as or sometimes better in charters. But a new report from Johns Hopkins University finds that success may not be carrying over into graduation rates.


The Obama Administration is directing public schools across the country to let transgender students use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. A letter went out to schools Friday, detailing how to best prevent discrimination. Kathleen Rodgers is the head of Equity and Diversity at Leon County Schools, and she says the district is ahead of the curve.