The graduation rate of the Leon County School District has soared in the past five years, thanks largely to the use of online courses. School district officials have worked hard to get students to the finish line—offering a number of pathways. But some of those methods are under scrutiny.

Vincent Hunt (background) leads a group of teenage girls in Creators Camp, a program aimed at helping girls refine their coding skills.
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Computer Coding is the new must-know skill businesses and states are hanging their economic futures on. Throughout the summer, Florida students from kindergarten through 12th grade participated in camps geared toward helping them learn computer languages. Some will continue this learning throughout the fall. But while kids learn sequences and symbols, they need other lessons beyond technical skills to get ready for a diverse work world.

Judge Weighs Testing, Opt Out Policy After Emotional Hearing

Aug 13, 2016
U.S. Department of Education Via Flikr / WFSU News

A Leon County judge indicated during a hearing Friday that she was troubled some students were blocked from advancing to the fourth grade after "opting out" of a standardized test, but she put off ruling on a request that the students be allowed to move up.

The Florida Department of Education is taking over financial oversight of the Jefferson County School District for the second time.  A committee is being created to examine the district’s budget and keep it from going into the red.

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Florida State University researchers have won a $35 million grant from the United States Navy.