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Challenger Learning Center Provides Virtual Visit to Hamilton County Students

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Challenger Learning Center
A page from the lesson packet being sent to the students.

With class trips a thing of the past for now, Tallahassee's Challenger Learning Center is making a virtual visit to students in Hamilton County. The Center is sending hundreds of pre-packaged lessons to the students' homes.
The Center's Samantha Reaves said many Hamilton County students lack technology, so the Challenger staff went back to the basics.

"Stapled paper packets in zip lock bags and little kits for everything they need. But going back to 'old school' pen and paper for the majority of these lessons trying to keep it accessible to all the students so they'll have the opportunity to participate."

There are hundreds upon hundreds of those packets.

"We are serving grades K-8 and across the spring and summer semesters for different numbers of students," she explained.

And, just like a real visit to the Challenger Learning Center, each lesson includes free popcorn.