Tallahassee's 621 Gallery Fighting for Survival

Apr 5, 2018

A Tallahassee art space is facing tough times. The 621 Gallery in Railroad Square is trying to rally its supporters to the cause of survival.

The main exhibit space of the 621 Gallery during a recent show opening.
Credit 621gallery.org

Tampa Artist Kim Radatz is now opening her show at the 621 Gallery. She said there’s nothing like it in her hometown.

“It’s such a gem and you guys are so fortunate to have it in Tallahassee,” she exclaimed.

But 621 Gallery Director Lauren Baker worried it may not be around much longer.

“We are hoping to reach out to the public to get their support and help this gallery that’s been open for 38 years to survive.”

Baker said a big turnout at this week’s First Friday event would help. She also hoped an intense social media campaign will spur more attendance at upcoming art exhibits and other cash generators to keep the doors open.