Could A Charlie Crist Run Be Florida GOP Secret Weapon?

Dec 10, 2012

Republicans have known for awhile now that Charlie Crist would likely make the switch to the Democratic Party, and the former Republican Governor did so late Friday evening. Now, many are saying the move reaffirms speculation that Crist plans to run against Governor Rick Scott in 2014 to lead the state again.

Republican Party of Florida spokesman Brian Burgess says the party isn’t surprised Crist made the switch, and he says if Democrats want a self-proclaimed “Ronald Reagan Republican” masquerading as a Democrat as their contender in the 2014 gubernatorial race, then they should pick him.

“Anytime, a guy like that wants to go in there and change the Democratic Party from within, we think that’s great," said Burgess.

So, does that make Crist their Secret weapon?

“I think that’s up to be the Democrats to decide who their standard bearer should be," said Burgess, laughing. "And, if the Democrats think a Ronald Regan Republican should be their standard bearer, then I think that’s great.”

For more than two years, Crist has been registered as having no party affiliation until late Friday, when he announced his party switch via Twitter at a White House Christmas Party with President Barack Obama.

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