Capital Report: 12-05-2014

Dec 5, 2014

Florida recently received rulings in two cases the state’s governor had heavily supported. Both the cases reaffirm rulings against the state, but Regan McCarthy reports some doubt the findings will keep Governor Rick Scott from pushing both the cases forward.

Who bears the burden of proof when it comes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law?  Is it the defendant who claims protection under that law, or is it the local prosecutor?  And should it be up to the state supreme court or the legislature to shift that burden of proof?  So many questions and, as Sascha Cordner reports, it appears likely that state lawmakers will be trying to come up with answers during the 2015 lawmaking session.

Millions of people could qualify for lower rates on federally-subsidized insurance plans.  But those plans may not work for everyone, especially for families who hold to certain faith traditions.  Now, as Lynn Hatter reports, some of those families are looking for healthcare solutions outside of those exchanges.

Thousands of tobacco cases are working their way through the Florida judicial system.  These so-called ‘progeny’ cases come from a mid-nineties class action lawsuit known as Engle.  Although the case went against tobacco manufacturers, in 2006 the Florida Supreme Court split the class of smokers up to determine financial damages.  But as Nick Evans reports, two cases that came before the Supreme Court this week show the matter is far from settled.

Here’s an update on Amendment One, which Florida voters approved overwhelmingly in the November election.  Amendment supporters insist the measure is straightforward and requires little legislative involvement.  Jim Ash reports there are some lawmakers, though, who believe some important money matters tied to the amendment needs their attention, which will likely happen during the 2105 session.

Since its discovery more than 30 years ago, AIDs has caused the deaths of more than 39 million people worldwide. That’s according to the World Health Organization. Alex Fahnlander reports on Florida’s HIV infection rates in seniors.