Capital Report: 10-07-2016

Oct 7, 2016

The major party presidential candidates are offering two starkly different courses for the country ahead of Election Day.  The contrast is particularly acute in their economic plans.  Nick Evans spoke with business leaders on both sides of the aisle about what the candidates’ visions would mean in Florida.

In 2000, all eyes turned to Florida to watch one of the closest presidential elections ever, coming down to a margin of 537 votes. This year, Florida’s fate could once again lie with the state’s swing voters, who are struggling to choose between two candidates with historic unfavorable ratings. Kate Payne reports.

The deadline to make changes or register to vote in the November 8th Election is Tuesday and there’s a last minute scramble to get people signed up.

It’s now up to a Tallahassee court to decide whether the Seminole Tribe of Florida should be allowed to continue offering banked card games such as black jack. Regan McCarthy has more….

The head of Florida’s child welfare agency is defending a human trafficking tool used by his agency and some others. As Sascha Cordner reports, his remarks follow a report released months ago that questions the tool’s effectiveness.

Finally tonight: Housing is growing increasing unaffordable for low income Floridians. Florida Public Radio’s Gina Jordan tells us about the tug of war over a state housing fund created nearly twenty five years ago. Advocates say the program is one of the best of its kind in the county—and they want lawmakers to stop raiding it.