Capital Report: 01-29-2016

Jan 29, 2016

Education is set for a funding boost as the legislature rolls ahead with its budget planning. But as Lynn Hatter reports as the process moves along, some Republicans are expressing concerns about where the increase will come from.

Crime rates continue to fall across the country, while incarceration rates reach historic levels.  A non-partisan panel came together this week to examine the relationship between incarceration and crime as we hear from Kate Payne.

A bill expunging the criminal records of certain minors when they become an adult has passed the full Florida Senate. Sascha Cordner reports.

The Florida Senate confirmed a raft of agency heads during its last floor session.  Most passed without comment, but Nick Evans reports one secretary raised opposition among Democrats.

Florida is ready for the 2016 election, that’s what Secretary of State Ken Detzner told a panel of lawmakers during his confirmation hearing. Regan McCarthy has more…..

All South Florida Democrat Jeremy Ring wanted to do was pass a bill suggested by high school students in his district.  But raising the legal age to ride a jet ski from fourteen to sixteen is proving to be a bigger civics lesson than he bargained for.  We get that story from Jim Ash.