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Men In America Series on ATC


What does it mean to be a man in America today?

This summer, All Things Considered explores that question through a combination of reporter pieces, show interviews, commentaries, and listener call-outs. There’s a “cradle-to-grave” framework: June focuses on how boys learn to be men (education and development); July focuses on the issues of young adults (identity and defining masculinity); in August the focus is on the issues of full Adulthood (work and homelife).

Monday, August 25
Report From The Manosphere
NPR's Joel Rose reports on the often ugly underbelly of men's rights advocates on-line, the men who call them out on their misogyny, and the men who feel their concerns are not being taken seriously because of the fringe nature of many of these forums.

Male Intervention
Cultural critic and humorist Joe Queenan thinks today's young men need to take a cue from the guys of yore: speak up, fast and firmly, when other men are being jerks.

Thursday, August 28
A Man, And An Ex-Con
Former prisoner Emanuel Price is the director of SCAFE (Second Chances Are for Everyone). In addition to providing re-entry resources in job training, helping with life skills and mentorship to former prisoners, the organization specifically addresses the question of masculinity in their monthly meet ups, which are now open to women. Deena Prichep reports.

Freemasons And Masculinity
The Freemasons are probably one of the most famous -- and mysterious -- men's club around. They lost membership in the closing decades of the 20th Century. But now Millennials are showing in an interest. They like the secrets and the rituals, but the real appeal may be in having a social network that's NOT based on the Internet. NPR's Martin Kaste reports.

Friday, August 29
Men's Hard, Dirty Work
NPR's Wade Goodwyn profiles the father/son-in-law team of a ranch outside of Fort Worth, Texas, to get a sense of how men view physical work in terms of masculinity.