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Volunteers Give Leon County's Largest Lake A Cleaner Shoreline

Tom Flanigan
Leon County had kayaks available for volunteers who wanted to approach the cleanup task from the water side of the shoreline

Leon County's annual lake cleanup effort moved to the county's largest lake on Saturday, Nov. 13. Dozens of volunteers were intent on removing trash and debris from the windswept shores of Lake Talquin. The county's new Sustainability Manager Cyndel Brunell said Lake Talquin was this year's clean-up focus.

"Oh, we try to spread the love amongst our entire county! Leon County is absolutely massive and has lots of different water bodies. So we want to make sure every year we are switching up what lake we are servicing. That way we can keep all of our waterways clean."

This year's volunteers included a large Greek organization contingent from Florida A&M. The cleanup crews were patrolling the shoreline on land and water, by foot and kayak.

"When you're out in the middle of the lake, it's certainly very clean. But as you start to go along the shoreline where everything is getting captured, it's a good strategy for us to stay near the bank and pick up all the litter we're seeing."

Brunell has brought more sustainability staff on board. She said some new programs are in the works to increase the county's commitment to a cleaner, more livable environment.