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Tallahassee Police Department Chief Revell Gives Update On 2021 Crime And More

Man in police uniform talks with a woman in a purple dress and a man in blue jeans and a white and blue plaid shirt.
Regan McCarthy
Newly named police chief Lawrence Revell talks with community members during a meet and greet.

Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell has been on the job for about a year and a half. Much of that has taken place during the coronavirus pandemic. Blaise Gainey spoke with Revell about some of Tallahassee's biggest crime issues as well as concerns over a malfunction on TPD's body cameras.


1. How has the crime changed from when you took the job as chief?

2. How has the global pandemic had an impact on the crimes that are committed?

3. How has recruiting officers been during the pandemic? And what impact has the nationwide protest that held law enforcement in a bad light had on recruitment?

4. What is the body camera situation? There were issues pointed out with how easily body cameras can be removed when recording. What has TPD done in response?