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Leon County Schools Will Drop Digital Academies At End Of Semester

closed school's message board, encouraging students to keep learning and stay healthy amidst the coronavirus quarantine
All Florida schools were required to allow students back in physical classrooms last fall, in addition to remote learning options.

Leon County public schools will drop their school-based digital academies at the end of the academic year. Superintendent Rocky Hanna made the announcement at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

“We’ve done an amazing job of giving parents and families options and keeping them connected to their home zone school or school of choice,” Hanna said. “But we certainly can’t ask this lift again of our teachers moving into the fall.”

Hanna says students who want to continue learning remotely have the option of enrolling in the Leon County Virtual School.

“We will also be doing a survey of our parents once the school choice window closes the first two weeks of March beginning next week to kind of gauge where our students are, if this might be something that they would like to consider for the fall as we make plans for staffing,” Hanna said. “Then we’ll open up an enrollment period, an enrollment window at Leon Virtual School the first week of April.”

Leon County Virtual School opened in 2010. It’s for Kindergarten through 12th grade.