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FSU Competes Against UF For Most Number of Student COVID-19 Safety Pledges

Statue of a Native American man riding a horse. The man holds a feathered spear and raises it high above him. The horse he rides on is standing on its back legs. The statue is on a cylindrical platform that has the words, "unconquered," engraved on it. In the background is FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium.
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This year, Florida State University and the University of Florida football rivalry will be extending beyond the stadium.

Florida State University and the University of Florida are well-known for their fierce football rivalry. But this time, the contest isn't on the field, and the players don't need to be athletic. Both colleges are asking their students to sign a COVID-19 pledge committing them to follow new safety guidelines. That includes wearing face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, and not gathering in large groups. The university with the highest percentage of all currently enrolled students who sign the pledge wins. The losing university president will have to wear the rival school's gear, say "Go Noles" or "Go Gators," and then sing the rival school's fight song in a video on social media. The competition ends on September 13 at 11:59 p.m.

FSU students can sign the pledge by going here.