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Madison County School District Gives Guidance On COVID-19 Safety Measures

A row of school buses.
Steve Harvey
Madison County Schools are gearing up to reopen in the fall.

Heading back to the classroom could look different at each of Madison County's schools this fall. Superintendent Shirley Joseph says the district has four distinct communities, and she wants to give them autonomy.

"They know their parents better than we do. They know their students and they know the needs of their students. So, we [are] giv[ing] them basic guidelines,” Joseph says.

Joseph says some rules will apply across the board. Temperature checks for students and staff will be mandatory before they can enter the building. Teachers at all schools will also be required to wear face masks or shields when they are around others. Students will need to wear masks or shields on buses.

Teachers will be encouraged to include Florida Virtual School curriculum in their face-to-face classes. Joseph says incorporating those lessons will help make a smoother transition from physical to digital courses if needed.

"In case we have to quarantine a class or a group of students, the kids are familiar with what's going on, and they're familiar with the platform. They're familiar with the curriculum, and so basically, they'll be able to go home and continue without missing a beat," Joseph says.

In addition to in-person classes, the district will offer two virtual school options. One will be live daily classes with Madison county teachers, and the other will use teachers from the North East Florida Educational Consortium. Both options will include lessons from Florida Virtual School.

The first day of school for students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, first, sixth, and ninth grades is August 24. All other grade levels will return to school on August 26.

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