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Fat Cat Cafe Continues Mission Despite Closure

Tom Flanigan

The coronavirus situation has shut down its physical space on Park Avenue. But those connected with Tallahassee's Fat Cat Cafe are still trying to connect homeless felines with forever homes.

Founder Michelle Hartsfield said all the Fat Cat Cafe's residents are now found online. That population will grow, she says, with the advent of kitten season.

"We're doing a lot of live-streaming of the kittens and trying to educate the community on what to do and how to handle kittens if you find them."

Hartsfield said there's also a virtual store that helps support Feline Advocates of Leon County, which runs the Cafe.

"We call it 'Betty's Boutique' and it's a lot of local artists and arts and crafts with a lot of fun novelty cat items, so we're moving all of our items online and trying to sell all the products through an online boutique."

So the animal adoption mission continues, virus or no.

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