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Segura Trial: Prosecutors Show Interview With Segura Taken After Murders

Prosecutors in the case against Henry Segura showed the jury a video of an interview between him and investigators taken shortly after Brandi Peters was killed in 2010.  Segura’s son was one of the three children killed alongside their mother and he's on trial for the slayings. 

In the November 2010 video, Segura describes Peters as “feisty” but says he didn’t have a relationship with her at the time of her death. He says he put himself on child support but hadn’t paid it in at least a year and he tells investigators he's not sure whether he's the father of her son.  When investigators tell Segura one of the victims was the son he shared with Peters, he says it’s the second one he’s lost. Later in the interview, investigators ask how he feels about the news.

“I’m hurt. But there’s nothing I can do about it," Segura says. 

During the interview, he says Peters knew he was married and that his wife had caught him cheating.

The state is claiming Segura killed Peters, their son and her two daughters over that unpaid child support because he wanted to go oversees for work but couldn’t get a visa. Segura’s defense says he’s innocent and that Segura initially lied about details to investigators because he didn’t want his wife to know he was cheating again. 

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Peters says she tried to protect herself from her attacker. Lisa Flannagan says injuries to Peters’ hands are consistent with someone striking her. She also testified that Peters’ attacker wouldn’t have many injuries because clothing protects the skin. 

As part of his defense, Segura's attorney's have  shown he had no injuries to his body aside from a scratch on the arm. 

The Defense has also pointed to the jailhouse confession of another man who says Peters was killed over drug debts. Segura’s first trial two years ago ended after jurors couldn’t agree on a verdict.