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Gender Neutral and Gender-Specific Agenda Items Slated for Upcoming City Commission Meeting

Cutouts of a woman and a man lean against a wall. Behind the woman is a purple color and behind the man is a blue color. The two colors are split down the middle between the space between the man and woman.
Magda Ehlers

The Tallahassee City Commission will review whether to adopt two proposals concerning gender-neutral or gender-specific language.

The first item refers to Tallahassee’s City Charter. In portions of the Charter, only male pronouns are used for employees. So it reads as, “his office,” or “his personnel.” Commissioner Curtis Richardson is requesting the commission amend the language so that it reflects gender neutrality. Instead of “his office,” it would be “his or her office” or “the office.” Another agenda item calls for gender-specific job-skill training. Staff at TEMPO—a youth at-risk program—would provide the training. The City Commission will review these items at their upcoming June 19 meeting at the Smith-Williams Service Center.