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December Rainfall In Tallahassee Reached Nearly 16 Inches

Osman Rana

Tallahassee had record-breaking rainfall in December. The heavy precipitation reached almost 16 inches making it one of the wettest months in history.

The rainfall has caused standing water in some areas of Leon County.

Weather Service Meteorologist Eric Bunker explains the reason water is settling into regions in Tallahassee and river floods are occurring is because of the constant inundation coupled with water is not penetrating into the soil.

“Heavy rain or periods that are frequent rain where you get a lot of rain and a lot of times the soil has become so saturated it just can’t hold a lot of water and that’s when you get a lot of flooding above ground,” he said.

Now Leon County is under a flood advisory and depending on how high a river or stream rises residents in nearby low-lying areas could be impacted.

“It usually takes around a week for the river to crest and once it crest it starts slowly going back down. Now every river is different it just depends on how wide the river is, how fast it can flow the water out into the Gulf of Mexico. So that’s why we still are having river floods issued right now,” said Bunker.

Since it is not expected to rain this week, the river flood warnings could be cancelled.