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Storm Resilient Weather Device Tops Tallahassee Building

Tom Flanigan

Downtown Tallahassee now has an advanced weather station that will keep operating when nearly everything else fails. The technology comes from the local WeatherSTEM company.

That firm has placed its digital weather stations in many places. But founder and CEO Ed Mansouri likened the latest station atop downtown’s Ballard Building to the Energizer Bunny.

“If the power and Internet were out throughout downtown Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, as long as cell service remains intact, that system will continue to capture information and data,” he said.

That data includes temperature, wind and other weather info, along with two real-time video feeds. But Mansouri added that’s not all.

“The really exciting part of our program isn’t so much those instruments and cameras, it’s what we do with the data and information and images the system collects.”

All of which, Mansouri said is available to everyone, for free, via website and phone app. The company site: has the details.