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Providence (Neighborhood's) Got Talent!

Tom Flanigan

One of Tallahassee's South Side neighborhoods was celebrating its best and brightest on Saturday, Aug. 4.

It was the first-ever "Kids' Rock Music Festival" at the Providence Community Center. Hosting organizations included the City of Tallahassee, Flag Credit Union and Female Voices Early Intervention headed by Lorraine James.

"We're going to have dancers, singers, a soloist, pianist, we're going to have a little bit of everything displaying the arts, so that's what this is all about," she pointed out as groups of youngsters and single performers prepared to take the outdoor stage.

Theresa Champis was one of the dance company members.

"We are going to be dancing," she said with obvious excitement. "We're from New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. We're called 'In the Faith Dance Team' and we'll be dancing."

There was free food and school supplies. The festival was also a showcase for neighborhood businesses.

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