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Jackson Amends Gillum Ethics Complaint To Include Costa Rica Trip

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Local businessman and City Hall critic Erwin Jackson has updated his existing complaint against Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum with the Florida Commission on Ethics. Jackson’s amended complaint is regarding a trip Gillum took to Costa Rica with two city lobbyists, Adam Corey and Sean Pittman.

Jackson wants an explanation for why, he says, Gillum left no paper trail.

"Adam Corey and Pittman, they say they paid for their own trips down there and they both have receipts," Jackson said. "Andrew Gillum says that he paid for his as well, but he just paid cash."

The new language adds to Jackson’s allegations that lobbyists paid for a Gillum trip to New York City. Jackson is coming off an apparent victory on Wednesday, when the State Ethics Board found probable cause that former City Manager Rick Fernandez accepted gifts in the form of football tickets, and a discount to the Corey-owned Edison Restaurant.

Jamie Van Pelt, Gillum's Chief of Staff, calls Jackson's latest complaint "baseless."

"As we have said before, the Mayor and Mrs. Gillum paid for their own share of this trip, which included several other couples and individuals all paying their fair share," Van Pelt said. "This is a baseless claim, and it is unfortunate to see the state ethics process being used as a political tool."