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Local Businessman Wants Answers About City Commissioner's Campaign Funds

Scott Maddox via twitter

Local businessman Erwin Jackson is going after City Commisioner Scott Maddox. Jackson claims that Maddox illegally transferred funds from his 2016 superintendent campaign to a campaign account for a state Senate run in 2020. 

Jackson Properties Management owner, Erwin Jackson says that Scott Maddox needs to account for the $131,000 that was transferred between the City Commissioner’s campaign accounts.

“Scott has admitted that there is $131,259.48 that he is not for sure where that money is. It was not reported on the proper form, which states how much money you have in a particular campaign for about 13 months, over a year. That money has not been reported anywhere.”

Maddox says that Jackson’s complaints derive from a discrepancy in the transfer of software packages.

“The discrepancy is, when it rolled over from the software package of the Leon County Supervisor of Elections to the Division of Elections software package, it didn’t show the roll over amount in the Division of Elections. But those dollars were always there, they were always properly reported, according the both the Supervisor and the Division of Elections, all contributors, all expenditures, and they were never withdrawn."

Maddox also says that Jackson’s attack is another attempt to push an agenda from outside the City Commission.

“You’ve already seen comments from the Supervisor of Elections and the Division of Elections that I’m in full compliance that my campaign is in full compliance. This is an attempt by him to garner headlines and to try to bully City Commissioners into getting what he wants.”

Despite Maddox’s claims, Jackson says he is complaining purely from the perspective of a concerned citizen.

“I’m an advocate for honesty and ethics in local government. Period. That’s why I’m doing it. That’s my motivation.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson has gone after Commissioner Maddox. Last year, Jackson tried to have Maddox disqualified from office by filing a lawsuit claiming that Maddox didn’t live at his official residence on Adams Street, but rather lived in his home outside of city limits.