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Tallahassee Memorial To Hire 500 Nurses

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is about to enlarge its campus and staff. The hospital hopes to add several hundred nurses.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit will be expanding. President and CEO, Mark O’Bryant says that due to the growth of the ICU, 500 nurses will be added. 

“We are going to have to hire 500 nurses between now and the time it opens. That tells you something. That’s a lot! When you think about ICU beds and the nurse to patient ratio that goes into ICU beds, it’s very intense," said O'Bryant in an address to the Economics Club of Florida Thursday.

Nurses are not the only thing O’Bryant wants to add. He says telemedicine will be at the forefront of TMH’s technology. The plans come as TMH and other hospitals brace for the loss of millions in state and federal funding due to legislative budget cuts.