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CDA Looking Into Sophisticated Video Technology

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Developments in video technology are rapidly changing how we interact with the world. Now some of those advances could ultimately change how Leon County handles crime.

Leon County’s 911 call center is looking into a new technology that could help the agency fight crime in real time. The Consolidated Dispatch Agency is researching a Motorola system which helps call-takers and first-responders share information instantly. The program can access live video feeds from security cameras and businesses. In the case of a high speed chase, the viewer could manipulate highway camera footage to show only the cars that fit the description. Dee Crumpler heads the Consolidated Dispatch Agency.

“So we can, say we don’t want to see any vehicle that’s not white. So it starts taking off all of the non-white vehicles. And then you say, I don’t want to see a tractor trailer, and a tractor trailer goes off. Then motorcycles. Then you can actually type in I want to see only white, Ford pickup trucks with a four door,” Crumpler said.

Dee Crumpler says the program could help bridge the gap between responding to crimes and solving them.

“You turn the dispatch center into more of a proactive versus a reactive center,” Crumpler.

The CDA and local law enforcement are researching the program to see if it’s something they should seriously consider.